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Case Study For Business. A very effective use of marketing material that is often over-looked by many businesses is the case study. The reason is because many business owners and managers just don't understand exactly what it is. Essentially, a case study takes a problem that you have solved for a customer, usually a very difficult problem at that, and creates a written document to show how your company solved the problem and what benefits the client received as a result. If you think about it, it's easy to see how effective this can be, especially if your industry has unique problems that are difficult to solve. If you can show your customers that you have the ability to solve their problems at relative ease to them, then you place yourself high up on the pedestal of potential business they'll want to use. And case studies don't have to be great big documents either. A simple 1000 word document is more than adequate in most cases. It's surprising how many businesses think they don't have anything to use for a case study when in fact they probably have years of evidence of solving customer problems that they just don't realize are relevant for their market. They are too close to their market or they see their skill as easy so that they don't prize them highly enough. This is a major failure and a good case study can bring this to light in many ways. In fact, the same problem solution process can be highlighted in different ways with different case studies so that the business looks like it can solve many problems in many ways. When the business can then take the finished case study and present it as web material, or fixed hard cover brochures or even in presentations to industry and clients, then other people start to take notice. The business is effectively demonstrating, without ambiguity, that it has the capacity to solve problems that other competitors might not have. This is very valuable to a business and can help them be seen as industry leaders. Any small business that doesn't have at least one case study written up that they can present to clients is doing itself a dis-service. All businesses should have them and in many cases should have a few of them so that they can show customers their breadth of knowledge and expertise.

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